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CellAct-System(EM, microorganism fermenter, culture medium)

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CellAct-System(EM, microorganism fermenter, culture medium)

│ 1. Smart microbial Cultivator-fermenter │

1) Medium and Fermenter for Microorganisms
a. As a requirement from field(proper application time, amount of used), directly cultivation of various Effective Microorganisms (Photosynthetic Bacteria, Bacillus spp., Lactic Acid Bacteria, Yeast etc.) that using in fresh condition and economically outstanding
b. Self Cultivation Fermenter Series volumes : 150L(100L), 250L(200L), 500L (400L) - Total Volume(Working Volume)

2) Microorganism Cultivation Program
a. Providing and developing microorganism utilization program for farming, livestock, fisheries & aquaculture and environment improvement so that consumers could effectively use with scientific manner.
b. Consumers could commercialize the product by mixing and cultivating microorganisms needed in the proportion to optimized program.

3) Characteristics
a. Consumers could directly choose and cultivate microorganisms as they needed by themselves and it’s differentiated fermenter from existing that expressed characteristics of microorganism cultivation system of our own technology.
b. Optimization of internal structures in fermenter (CFD program utilization of Korea Institute of Science & Technology Information super computer)
c. Easy operation with touch screen d. Programming in culture condition of each effective microorganism
e. Sterilization process that heating device and UV sterilizer are combined.(Electric power saving and cooling water reduction by 70%, time reduction for sterilizing)
f. Self-diagnostic feature to check for defects
g. Mobile app development and application that allows to deliver information to the company server in line with fermenter Bluetooth interface.

│ 2. Feed additives(AquaBacta, EcoBacta, AgroBacta) │

1) Microbial agent(microorganisms) for sustainable eco-friendly organic farming
2) Feed additives such as digestive probiotics, immuno- potentiator, fortifying nutrient and water purification agent including ornamental fish and aquarium management, inhibitor such as scuticociliates(kinds of parasite), pathogenic bacteria and immunopotentiator for shrimp which is originated from natural source in aquaculture field.
3) Soil conditioner, microorganism fertilizer and compost accelerator in agriculture field.
4) Odor remover, resourcification of livestock manure(liquid fertilization), livestock conditioner in livestock field.

│ 3. Lake Water Purification System │

1) Combination of biological and physical technology intended to purify both water part and sediment of lakes in with water circulator and immobilized photosynthetic bacteria injected regularly.
2) Sustainable and economical lake water purification method and is applicable to lake(artificial, natural), river etc.

│ 4. Odor Removal System │

1) Natural deodorant extract from herb and effective microorganisms which are characterized by excellent organic matter decomposition and they removes effectively stink ingredients as well as the source of bad smell from the sediment of lake and decompose pollutants.
2) Applying to sewage treatment equipment, food waste resource facility, liquefied fertilizer facility and swinery etc.