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CellAct-Medium Series

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CellAct-Medium Series

CellAct-Medium Series is composed of culture medium which can directly cultivate useful microorganism needed for livestock industry in terms of TMR fermentation, addition of drinking water & removal of odor etc. and starter for cultivation.

1) Chracteristics
- Effective microorganisms that underwent R&D unique to us are supplied as seeds
- High concentration&optimized condition culture medium is seldom contaminated
- Less contamination by inhibiting the growth of other bacteria
- No order during cultivation process
- Optimization to cultivation for each microorganism
- Complete dissolution of culture medium ingredient
- Fast growth speed
- Excellent color expression
- Sterilization process may be omitted(cultivation time and electric power cost saving)

2) Features
- Removal of odor, fortifying nutrient, increase of feed comsumption rate
- Improvement of feed digestion rate, strengthen disease endurance 
- Decomposition of organic compounds in livestock house
- Improve palatability of feed
- Excellent nitrogen removal from livestock waste or general waste
- Antimicrobial effect & antifungal effect, growth promoting effect