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AgroBacta(organic fertilizer)

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1) Usage

- Use for rice farming, facility cultivation crops(tomato, cucumber, grape, pumpkin, eggplant, mushroom etc.), outdoor cultivation crops(potato, spinach, cabbage etc.), flower crops(lawn, lily, orchid etc.) and special crops(green tea, yellow tea, black tea etc.)


2) Features and Effects

- A product cultured with 100% photosynthetic bacteria using ‘the method of high-concentration culture of photosynthetic bacteria’. Patent No. 10-068352

- Increase in crop growth and yield

- Inhibition and prevention of agricultural pest propagation

- Reduction and non-toxification of harmful ingredients

- Synthesis of organic nitrogen by fixing nitrogen

- Photosynthesis increase by increasing the content of chlorophyll in crops

- Reduction of chemical fertilizers and increase in storage period of crops

- Improvement in soil strength by activating effective microbes