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ECO fi:d Up(feed additives)

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1. ECO fi:d Up – Digestive probiotic


1) Usage

- As feed additive for livestock to help their digestive process by double encapsulation of superior Lactic Acid Bacteria, photosynthetic microorganism which induce the stimulation of other useful microorganism growth and improvement of digestion rate.


2) Features and Effects

- Promotion of digestion and absorption of organic compound

- Stimulate growth of intestinal useful microorganisms

- Inhibit growth of intestinal harmful bacteria and remove intestinal noxious gases

- Antioxidative action




2. ECO fi:d Up – Immunopotentiator


1) Usage

- As feed additive for livestock especially for the initial nurturing period of pig and poultry farming to strengthen immunity through helping the vitality of somatic cell etc.


2) Features and Effects

- Vitalization of in vivo cell and strengthen immunity

- Effect of fungiatatic against virus, bacteria and mold etc.



3. ECO fi:d Up – Fortifying nutrient


1) Usage

- As feed additives based on Photosynthetic Bacteria for synthesis and supplement of the nutritional contents which is easily lacked in animal husbandry by using Vitamin B1 extracted from embryo bud of eye.


2) Features and Effects

- Promotion of nutrition by vitalizing energy metabolism and nervous system